Cops tase their own race relations advisor in case of mistaken identity

Judah Adunbi is a race relations advisor to his local police in Easton, England. Last Friday cops from that same force tasered his face after mistaking him for wanted suspect.


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BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM — A British police force is being investigated after two officers tasered a race relations advisor in a case of mistaken identity last week.

According to Sky News, Judah Adunbi was on his way home when he was confronted by the officers. In a viral video showing the incident, the police tell Adunbi that he matches the description of a suspect.

He’s actually an advisor to police on relations between them and the local black community.

Adunbi denies their claims and refused to tell them his identity. He tries to get away from them through a gate but is shot in the face by a taser.

The police initially charged Adunbi with assaulting an officer and for threatening behavior, but those were dropped, reported the Telegraph.

The police have referred the incident to the Independent Police Complaints Commission for investigation. The IPCC is an agency responsible for scrutinizing complaints about police in England and Wales.
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