Cops called on black man babysitting white kids

A Georgia man had the cops called on him by a white lady after she saw him babysitting two white kids.


NSFW    MARIETTA, GEORGIA — It's 2018 and black people still can't seem do anything without raising some eyebrows, not even watching some friend's kids.

Corey Lewis found that out firsthand, despite being a fine, upstanding citizen and running his own after-school youth mentoring program.

CBS 46 reports that on Sunday, he and the two white kids he was babysitting were in a Walmart parking lot when some crazy lady decided to get all up in their business.

The woman had initially pulled up in a sedan asking if the kids were okay, then came back again wanting to talk to them. When Lewis refused, she flipped and threatened to take down his plate.

The lady went on to trail him for about an hour, following him to the gas station across the street, and then all the way back to his house.

As if that wasn't enough, she then called the cops and reported his behavior as 'suspicious.'

A Cobb County police officer showed up and talked to Lewis and the kids, and soon confirmed what everyone already knew — everything was okay. The cop did call the kids' parents, who were pretty dumbfounded about the whole ordeal.

Lewis, meanwhile, is trying to obtain the 911 record and find out the woman's identity and why she did what she did. Well — it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
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