Cop escorts 'too pregnant' mom and family from Disney cruise

Wanna go on a Disney cruise? Better check that you're not too pregnant.


NSFW    MIAMI — YouTuber Emily Jackson says she had traveled with her family of 10 from St Louis to Miami to join the cruise earlier this week.

The family of 10 reportedly being parents, a husband, two kids and other relatives.

After they got there, Jackson says Disney staff deemed her 25-week pregnancy to be too far along to be cruise-worthy. Naturally, Jackson was mad.

Disney policy is that nobody over 24 weeks pregnant can join the cruise.

The vlogger recorded some of her exchange with the very Disney-like Disney staff and posted it to YouTube. But mess with the mouse, and the mouse will send you packin' along with a heat packing cop garbed in tactical gear.

Jackson said she and her kids had to wait for 2 hours under the Miami sun while their luggage was unloaded. They offered her a refund but she told St Louis news outlet KMOV that won't cover how much they spent on the rest of their ruined vacation.
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