Converting plastic into usable fuel

Renewlogy has come up with a way to produce reusable fuel while utilizing plastic waste.


NSFW    SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — Renewlogy, a private waste management company, has found a way to turn plastic into fuel.

The company is able to process around 10 tons of plastic waste on a daily basis to convert into fuel, according to Renewlogy's website.

Plastic waste is shredded into smaller pieces and then put into a oxygen-free reactor. The machine is then heated up. This causes the carbon molecules present in the plastic to break down into smaller molecules, essentially turning plastic into usable fuel.

Renewlogy explained on their website that gases created from the process would be captured and recycled to prevent any toxic gas emissions.

According to the company, the byproduct of the carbon molecules are then converted into naphtha, which is commonly used to create virgin plastic, diesel fuel, and other petrochemical products.

The company claims that less than 10 percent of plastic has ever been recycled.

According to Renewlogy's website, plastic production is forecasted to double in the next decade.
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