Connecticut cops could be first in U.S. to get lethally armed drones

Connecticut’s state legislature has approved a bill to ban weaponized drones that exempts law enforcement agencies from the restriction.


NSFW    HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT — Lawmakers are considering a bill that would make Connecticut the first U.S. state to allow police to use lethally armed drones.

Connecticut’s state legislature last week approved legislation to ban weaponized drones. However, a late amendment to the bill exempts law enforcement agencies from the restriction, Reuters reported.

Civil rights activists are campaigning to reinstate the bill’s original wording before it goes to a final vote.

In 2015, North Dakota became the first U.S. state to allow law enforcement agencies to use armed drones but the devices can only be equipped with “less than lethal” weapons, such as tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets.
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