Confused by the 2017 British election? We've got you covered

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to win even more seats in Parliament. But the bookies were wrong about Trump and Brexit, and there’s every chance they could be wrong about this as well.


NSFW    LONDON — The UK will hold a surprise election this June. British Prime Minister Theresa May led calls for one earlier this week, and lawmakers voted in favor of the ballot on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

The election comes as a surprise because UK law stipulates that each elected government should hold power for a fixed five-year term before another election can occur. The current Conservative administration was elected in May 2015, with the next public ballot scheduled for May 2020.

For an early election to occur, two-thirds of the 650 UK lawmakers need to vote in favor of it. On Wednesday 522 voted for it to go ahead, Reuters reported.

The unelected May took over from ex-PM David Cameron after the public voted for Brexit in a referendum last June. She hopes the election will give her a mandate and nullify post-Brexit vote divisions among the British electorate, but the move could cripple the already very unpopular opposition Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn.

The parliament consists of 650 seats, of which the Conservatives hold 330 and Labour holds 229. Other seats are held by smaller parties. Because of Labour’s unpopularity, May is expected to win even more seats.
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