Computer tech finds evidence of child abuse on man's SD card, company attempts cover up

The computer technician found evidence of child abuse, but his company didn’t want to become involved and attempted to bury the evidence.


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NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN - A computer technician in Taiwan turned to the Internet in order to pressure police into investigating a case of child abuse.

Mr. Xu, a computer technician for a local computer repair franchise was shocked when he received an SD card from a 60 year old grandfather who asked that Xu transfer the contents to large SD card.

Mr. Xu was shocked when he realized there were 12 photos and 5 videos of the 60 year old man molesting a 4-year-old girl. He reported it to the company, but his boss merely locked away the SD card stating that it was against company policy to violate customer privacy.

Angry and upset, Mr. Xu called the police, but was informed that without evidence they wouldn’t even investigate.

Angry, Mr. Xu shared the situation on his FB and asked the Internet what to do now. Netizens began sharing his post and calling the police.

Police received over 2,000 phone calls and decided to bow to the pressure and investigate Mr. Xu’s allegations. Police received a warrant for the SD card being held at the computer repair company and found the photos and videos of child abuse. And it turns out that the 4-year-old child was the man’s own granddaughter.

Police said that individuals who find evidence of child abuse should turn evidence over to police directly.
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