Company unveils new slanted toilets to reduce bathroom breaks

A British company has unveiled a new toilet design that would make employees to spend less time in the bathroom.


NSFW    STAFFORD, UNITED KINGDOM — British company StandardToilet has unveiled a new design in which the toilet is tilted downwards at a 13 degree angle in a bid to reduce the amount of time spent in the bathroom.

The design has been approved by the British Toilet Association, an organization that advocates for better toilet facilities across the United Kingdom.

Founder of the StandardToilet, Mahabir Gill, explained to Wired that the toilet is designed to cause strain on the legs, like squat thrusts, and make you want to get up after about five minutes of use.

The company says the toilet provides health benefits such as reducing haemorrhoids, musculoskeletal disorder and improving a person's posture.

The company's website states that the toilet uses a water saving dual-flush system and includes specially designed slots in the toilet's rim that would allow for a quieter, more uniform flush.

In a press release from the British Toilet Association, StandardToilet explains that the toilet would reduce long lines for public bathrooms in shopping malls, train stations and other public spaces.

The company also says the toilet's new design would minimize the amount of time employees spend in the restroom during bathroom breaks. In the press release, StandardToilet noted that the workplace bathroom has become a space for texting and using social media.

The company's founder told Wired that the toilet would mainly benefit employers not employees, with a primary focus on reducing the amount of time spent by employees on their phone while working.

The toilet is currently being sold for £150 to £500, or roughly US$196 to US$655.
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