Company to impose smell check for bathroom time over 10 mins

A restroom sign posted at an unidentified company has warned that employees using the toilet for more than 10 minutes risk facing a smell check to ensure they weren't just sitting on their phones.


NSFW    SOME STINKIN' COMPANY — A crappy company is raising eyebrows and middle fingers after it put up a sign threatening smell checks for employees who are in the bathroom for too long.

Fox News reports that the sign was posted on a workplace bathroom at an unidentified business, and first appeared on Reddit.

The text reads: "If in bathroom for more than 10 minutes, a smell check will be completed to ensure employee not on phone." Presumably, the new measure is an attempt to reclaim company time and prevent workers from slacking off on the toilet.

The sign goes on to say that if no stink is sniffed, then the employee in question would then be "reported to office."

It's such a ridiculous scenario, many are wondering if it's a joke, or who the stinkin' manager is that came up with such a crappy idea.

Everyone agrees though, that there's only one loser here: the poor schmuck who has to be on sniff duty.

Because honestly, if that's how management wants to play this game, it's easy enough to comply.
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