Colorado police are on the hunt for Rudolph the red-nosed burglar

Anyone seen Rudolph's evil, thieving twin?


NSFW    FORT COLLINS, COLORADO — Colorado police are on the hunt for a burglar masquerading as everyone's favorite red-nosed reindeer.

Fort Collins Police Services posted a video on Sunday showing a woman breaking into a business while wearing a furry Rudolph mask.

The burglary reportedly went down in the early hours of December 18. Security cam footage catches the red-nosed suspect going into the dark room and flipping the lights on. She then proceeds to take several items from the room and stuffs them into a shopping bag.

About halfway through the video, the naughty criminal takes the disguise off and exposes her face to the camera. She puts the mask back on not too soon after and continues pilfering.

Police are asking for help identifying Rudolph the robber so they can notify St. Nick, and they even rewrote the lyrics to the reindeer's Christmas song to make it fit.
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