Colorado mom survives five days in trapped car wreck

A Colorado woman has survived being trapped in her car in rural Colorado for five days. A man taking photographs finally saw the car in the gully and alerted rescuers.


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A Colorado woman’s more than five-day survival in a trapped car in rural Colorado is being called miraculous.

On April 29, family members reported Kristin Hopkins, a single mother of four, missing.

It was later discovered that the woman had driven off U.S. highway 285, and tumbled down an 140 foot embankment.

The 43-year-old woman was trapped in her car, but tried to scrawl messages on an umbrella and use it to attract attention. Help, however, did not arrive.

Finally, after some five days, a man taking photographs saw the car in the gully. He drove back into town and reported the find.

When rescue workers arrived, they expected to find a body, but just as a firefighter was about to break the car’s window, they observed movement.

Doctors say Kristen Hopkins’ feet will have to be amputated, but family members still call her survival a miracle.

The Hopkins’ family also praised the unidentified man who found the car. Police say he discreetly slipped out of the police station after reporting the accident.
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