Coffee shop owner facing jail time for naked waitress stunt

After the short lived internet hype, the coffee shop's owner now faces issues with the law for uploading supposedly obscene content to the internet.


NSFW    CHONBURI, THAILAND — A coffee shop owner in Thailand is now facing time behind the bars for hiring a model to serve customers wearing only a apron.

Coffee On The Go opened recently in Thailand's Chonburi province, and the shop's 50-year-old owner wanted to boost its popularity, so he came up with a brilliant idea to attract customers to his shop.

He hired 22-year-old model Arisa Suwannawong, who wore just a scanty apron and underwear that can barely covered her body while serving customers. The model also did a promo for the coffee shop. In the video she basically says 'the coffee is so good, they use plenty of milk', then glances down at the front of her body, cough cough.

The video instantly went viral on Facebook with over 1.4 million views and has been shared over 7 thousand times since it was uploaded last Saturday. But the good times were short lived, and the wild stunt backfired with many Thai netizens are now pointing fingers at the owner. He is also facing issues with the law for uploading obscene content to the internet.

The district's police commander said the owner admitted his wrongdoing, but didn't know he was breaking the law and said it was just a way to promote his coffee shop.

The owner is now facing three to five years in the slammer and or a fine of 100,000 Thai baht[g].

The girls who worked there said they felt sorry for the shop owner because the shop was struggling to attract customers since it's not located in the city, and all they wanted to do was help his business to grow.
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