Coca-Cola-addicted camel murders keeper for not coming thru with his fix

Apparently desperate for a can of Coca-Cola, which it had normally been given on a daily basis, a camel viciously attacked and killed its caretaker on Monday.


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Richard Mileski of Chicago was killed Monday at his wildlife sanctuary in Tulum, Mexico, when a camel attacked him.

Mileski, 60, founded the Tulum Monkey Sanctuary fifteen years ago.

According to reports, the camel had gotten out of his cage when Mileski approached it from the front. The camel bit Mileski’s shoulder before kicking him and biting him repeatedly. Several workers tried to fight the beast off until it finally sat on Mileski, suffocating him.

Videos of the camel on the Tulum Monkey Sanctuary’s Facebook page call the animal “Guerro.”

One official said the camel was normally given a Coca-Cola every day, but hadn’t had one on Monday when it attacked Mileski.

Mileski’s coworkers reportedly had to use a rope attached to a pickup truck to pull Guerro off of him.

Environmental authorities said they have seized the animals at the monkey sanctuary while they conduct an investigation.
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