Cobras are invading home toilets in Jakarta

Residents in the Indonesian capital have been finding their living areas overrun with slithery, venomous cobras.


NSFW    WEST JAKARTA, INDONESIA — Imagine going to your bathroom and coming face to face with a cobra rearing its flared head.

That's the kind of terror residents in West Jakarta, Indonesia faced on Sunday after tens of the venomous snakes invaded their crappers.

All in all, there were 18 cobras averaging a length of 20 centimeters, which took four firemen 30 minutes to round up. They will eventually be handed over to the Indonesia Sioux Snake Foundation.

The Jakarta Post reports that according to a homeowner named Hera, the snakes crept inside through the drainage system, which is connected to a warehouse.

Workers there had previously encountered snakes too, likely because of its proximity to a cemetery and plot of land where bamboo trees grow and where the cobras breed.

The cemetery was just renovated, so the slippery serpents were probably scouting for a new pad when residents spotted them in the toilets and slithering into bedroom.

According to reptile observer Arbi Krisna, the snake invasion isn't surprising, since we're in the middle of snake hatching season.

So peep before you pee, and make sure to clean the moist, dark, and quiet places where snakes lay their eggs.
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