Coast guard fires stun grenade at rock-throwing Chinese fishermen

A Taiwanese coast guard ship welcomed the Chinese boat with a stun grenade after being pelted with rocks.


NSFW    MATSU, TAIWAN — A Taiwan Coast Guard ship had an encounter with a bunch of rock-throwing Chinese fishermen that hilariously ended with a stun grenade.

According to the Central News Agency, at 10:50 a.m. last Thursday, Chinese fishing boats were spotted in Taiwanese waters near Matsu.
Despite repeated warnings from the Taiwanese Coast Guard patrol vessel to get a move on, the Chinese fishing boats refused and apparently thought hurling rocks would help the situation.
The Coast Guard returned the favor by firing a stun grenade at one of the Chinese fishing vessels.
The explosion caused the fishermen to reassess the situation and immediately high tail it back to Chinese waters.
According to CNA, Chinese fishing boats were seen in Matsu waters several times last week, with Chinese crews reportedly throwing rocks at Taiwanese fishing boats on April 17.

The Coast Guard Administration said it has sent additional patrol ships to the outlying islands to stop future Chinese fishing boat incursions.
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