Coach allegedly told high school football players to attack 'racist' football referee

Mack Breed, an assistant football coach at John Jay High School near San Antonio, Texas was placed on a leave of absence after one of his players hit a referee from behind and the second speared him with his helmet during a game last Friday.


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MARBLE FALLS, TEXAS — An assistant football coach at John Jay High School in Marble Falls, Texas has been implicated in the violent conduct of two players who attacked a referee during a game.

Robert Watts, the referee, allegedly hurled racial slurs at two black players during Friday's game according to San Antonio CBS affiliate KENS 5. Tensions flared when two other John Jay players were ejected from the game. Assistant coach Mack Breed, 29, allegedly told the two black players to attack Watts as payback.

The video, which was captured on Friday and has since gone viral, shows one player hit Watts from behind and the second spear him with his helmet. Watts has denied the racism accusations and told Texas HS Football that he will press charges against the two players who tackled him.

Breed was placed on administrative leave, KENS 5 reports. The two players who targeted Watts were kicked off the team and suspended from school. Both players, who have not been identified because they are minors, could face criminal charges.

Jim Quirk, executive director of the NFL Referees Association, told ABC News: "I've never seen anything like this in all my years of officiating at the high school, collegiate or professional level."
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