CNN caught ‘staging' live protest shot in London aftermath

CNN is taking heat after it was caught allegedly ‘staging’ a live protest shot in London over the weekend in the aftermath of the latest terrorist attacks.


NSFW    LONDON — Looks like CNN has created a bit of a mess for itself after it was caught with its pants down for allegedly ‘staging’ a pro-Muslim protest in London for a live shot.

A video uploaded by a Twitter user Mark Antro appears to show CNN anchor Becky Anderson on standby as police and TV producers help — and direct — a group of Muslim women with protest signs to set up in front of the news cameras.

Apparently, the protesters were already in the area and the police let them move behind a cordon.

Why? Because it makes for a better live TV shot, duh. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make for solid journalism.

Naturally, conservative media had a field day as they blasted CNN for creating “fake news.”

CNN has denied right-wing criticism that it was staging fake news. Let’s be honest, CNN isn’t fake news. It’s just a horrible news network. Maybe it’s time for a name change.
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