Climate change is making hurricanes way worse

In other words, humans are to blame.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Global warming is affecting hurricanes by making them wetter with more energy that intensify faster.
According to the Associated Press, storm surges are more dangerous because of rising sea levels, with storms moving more slowly, thus increased levels of precipitation.
The Associated Press spoke with 17 meteorologists and researchers who study climate change, hurricanes or both.
Dean of the environment school at the University of Michigan Jonathan Overpeck said, "Florence is yet another poster child for the human-supercharged storms that are becoming more common and destructive as the planet warms."

Several months after Hurricane Harvey, studies found climate change significantly increased the chances for Harvey's record rain falls.

Scientists say that for every degree the air warms, it can hold almost 4 percent more water and feeds more energy into the storm.
University of Exeter climate scientist Peter Stott said the warmer air and water also make storms more intense or stronger.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate scientist Jim Kossin and Overpeck also mentioned that studies have shown storms intensifying more rapidly than before.
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