Clerk stole 1,300 credit card numbers by memorizing them

The 34-year-old Japanese used the stolen cards to buy things online.


NSFW    KOTO, JAPAN — A part-time mall clerk in Japan was busted for stealing 1,300 credit card numbers and using them to make purchases online.
Sure he broke the law, but how he did it was pretty damn impressive.
According to Sora News, 34-year-old Yusuke Taniguchi was able to jack all those cards by using nothing but his photographic-like memory.
According to police, while working at the mall, Taniguchi would allegedly memorize a customer's 16-digit-number, name, expiry date and security code, all in the short time it took to process their purchase.
That ain't bad considering how quick credit card transactions are nowadays.
After the customers left, he would write the credit card information down into a little notebook he kept.
Taniguchi would then use those credit cards to make online purchases, which he would then sell to pawn shops for money.
Unfortunately having a great memory didn't help when it came to criminal planning. Taniguchi had everything he bought online sent to his home address.
After he bought two expensive bags online for around $2,500, the cops became fishy and followed the delivery to Taniguchi's doorstep and later arrested him.
Guess next time he just needs to remember not to use his OWN address.
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