Claw machines in Taiwan offer masks, hand sanitizers as prizes

Authorities in Taiwan found at least 40 claw machines in Taipei that were offering medical supplies as prizes amid the coronavirus outbreak.


NSFW    TAIPEI — Claw machines in Taiwan are now offering face masks, hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand wipes as prizes amid the latest you-know-what.

Local authorities have found at least 40 such claw machines in Taipei alone, reports the Liberty Times. A Taipei city councilor has accused the claw machine vendors of violating fair trade laws by hawking and hoarding these medical supplies during this time.

An official from Taipei's Department of Health said that these vendors may face fines of up to $66,000 if the products inside contain a medical equipment license number. This would mean they're in violation of Taiwan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

Face masks, hand sanitizers have been in high demand in Taiwan recently, with stores now routinely running out of supplies at record speed.

As a result, the government has announced plans to ration face masks. Taiwanese people will be allowed to only purchase two face masks per week while showing their national health insurance cards starting this Thursday.
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