Claw machines in China offer live cats as prizes

Coin-operated claw machines that feature live cats and kittens as prizes are apparently a thing at amusement arcades in China.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

BEIJING — Live cats are up for grabs as amusement arcade prizes in China.

Video footage emerged this week that shows a young woman using a coin-operated claw machine to try and scoop up a poor little kitten.

It’s unknown exactly where the video was filmed but it was apparently first posted on the Chinese internet, the Mirror reported.

Sadly, this appears to be a trend.

A similar video filmed at an unknown location in China was posted on April 12, the Daily Mail reported.

A sign on the claw machine in the second video translates as “Master, bring me home,” but the man in the clip complains that a white cat is “too fat” to pick up.

China lags behind all other major industrialized nations in legislating against animal cruelty, despite the efforts of animal rights campaigners.

The videos elicited a mixed reaction online. While some thought the clips were “funny” or “cute”, others feared the metal claw could hurt the cats, and worried about the mental impact on the animals.
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