City's fattest man falls down, mob of people need 2 hours to stand him

Xiao Huang, 27, is known to be the fattest person in Wuhan, China. When he slipped and fell this past week, it took about 20 people two hours to get him back on his feet.


NSFW    WUHAN, CHINA — A man believed to be Wuhan’s fattest person took a spill on a city sidewalk earlier this week, and needed the help of roughly 20 people to get back on his feet.

From the time he was a boy, Xiao Huang, 27, has been on the heavier side due to having endocrine problems. Weighing in at 485 lbs, he’s had trouble getting a job since graduating. He spends most of his time playing video games. Xiao’s family has been trying to keep him on a diet, but he recently got dizzy and slipped in the bathroom.

Following a week of treatment in the hospital, Xiao was released, but before his mother could get him into a taxi, he slipped and fell again. Unable to get back up on his own, a crowd of people started to form around him. His mother called police officers to help, but their combined strength was not enough. Firefighters then arrived on the scene, and tried using their own strategies, but nothing worked. Eventually, the team of emergency officials decided the best thing to do was to roll Xiao onto a board. Once on the board, the group of about 20 people then used all their might to lift up the board, and transfer all 500 pounds of Xiao onto a stretcher.

The good deed took roughly two hours and a total team effort. Xiao will likely need surgery to lose all the weight.
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