Circus tiger breaks out, roams around burbs, gets shot by police

A circus tiger named Suzy was shot dead after wandering loose around an Atlanta suburb.


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ATLANTA — A tiger shot and killed after wandering around a neighborhood and attacking a dog has been identified as a circus tiger named Suzy.

The 6-year-old Bengal tiger was being transported by Feld Entertainment from Tampa, Florida to Memphis, Tennessee, CNN reported.

Suzy somehow managed to escape from a transport truck carrying 14 of the big cats some time after Tuesday night.

The company didn't realize Suzy was gone until after the truck arrived in Tennessee. They then contacted law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Suzy gave residents a pleasant wake up call around 6 a.m. Police received at least two 911 calls from people who saw her near an interstate ramp, according to Henry police Capt. Joey Smith, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The bengal tiger then wandered her way into some neighborhood backyards.

Brittney Speck woke up to a ton of police outside her house and her dog going nuts in the backyard. When she went into the backyard, she saw Suzy in a neighbor's backyard by a minivan.

Speck then went to call 911, but while she was doing that, the tiger jumped the fence and tried to attack Speck's dog Journey.

Journey was running around just as the police arrived on scene. Just as Suzy jumped on the dog, the police shot the tiger dead.

Authorities have been in touch with the tiger's owners and the investigation is ongoing.
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