Churches removing healing holy water amid Wuhan virus outbreak're saying holy water won't cure the Wuhan Virus?


NSFW    HOLY LAND — Oh lord—Catholic churches around the world are getting rid of communal holy water and shutting down holy sites amid the recent China-Cough-19 panda-demic.
According to God Daily Dot, the pools of the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in France have been closed to the public. The spot is popular for believers who think bathing in the "healing waters" cure sickness—god, that's ironic.
HuffPost reports that Catholic churches in the U.S. are draining holy water fonts. The fonts are used for Catholics to bless themselves as they enter church.
These are just some of the measures being taken by bishops in Miami, Seattle and Chicago to slow the spread of the Wuhan virus.
According to HuffPost, some bishops are also banning the distribution of consecrated wine through a common cup.
Some bishops have also begun to remind priests and deacons that they can switch up how the host, aka sacramental bread, is offered to churchgoers.
According to HuffPo, priests and lay ministers are being reminded to wash their hands like they have OCD before and after mass, and have hand sanitizer for those distributing Communion.
Don't worry have God on your side. That is, unless he's down with the Wuhan too.
How the coronavirus spread in the U.S.

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