Chris Brown vs. Drake: Fight over Rihanna in NYC Bar


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Rappers Chris Brown and Drake were at the center of a bar fight, reportedly over singer Rihanna, in a New York club this week. Several people were hospitalized with cuts from broken beer bottles and the nightclub was trashed.

Chris Brown famously dated Rihanna and infamously roughed her up in a domestic violence incident. Shortly afterwards, Rihanna reportedly had a fling with Drake.

You may need to bring a helmet next time you go to the WIP nightclub in New York City. The popular club turned into war zone when rappers Chris Brown and Drake crossed paths. The two began yelling at each other. Witnesses say Drake taunted Brown, saying, "I'm f--kng the love of your life. Deal with it," and that a member of Drake's crew threw the first bottle.

Chaos ensued as the singers' entourages and bodyguards got into a good old-fashioned bottle-breaking bar fight.

Several people were injured in the bar fight, including Brown, who tweeted a photo of himself with a cut on his chin. Brown also tweeted a jab directed at Drake: "How u party with rich n---- that hate? Lol ... Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!."
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