Chipotle rats: Rodents falling from ceiling gets Dallas Chipotle temporarily closed

A Chipotle store in Dallas’ West End has been temporarily closed for remodelling after a July incident in which three rats unceremoniously dropped in from the ceiling.


NSFW    DALLAS — From the E. coli outbreak in 2015 to the more recent norovirus scare in Virginia, seems Tex-Mex chain Chipotle just can’t catch a break.

And now with rodents reportedly making an appearance at a store in Dallas, you might wanna start bidding those burrito bowls goodbye.

According to Dallas News, at least three rats were crawling around inside a Chipotle in Dallas’ West End historic district.

The rats soon “dropped in”, falling from the ceiling and causing the lunch crowd to abandon their food and flee the store.

A video taken by a disgusted customer shows one rat lying limp while its companion scurries about, and another tries to frantically climb up a wall.

Employees apologized and took the varmints away, and the rats’ entry point was later spotted and repaired.

Chipotle insists it’s an isolated incident, as the store in question has received high food inspection scores during the past three years. Still, extra precautions are being taken, so the store has been temporarily closed for evaluation and remodelling.
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