Chinese zoo with dog in wolf cage says it's there for companionship

Only problem there were no other wolves for the dog to be companions with.


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WUHAN, CHINA — A dog spotted in a wolf enclosure at a zoo in Wuhan is apparently there for companionship.
According to a report on Miaopai, visitors to the Jiufeng Forest Zoo spotted a dog roaming around an enclosure labeled "wolf."
At first, the zoo goers thought they were being bamboozled, but it turns out there is ONE male wolf in the enclosure.
According to a zookeeper, the male wolf used to get in fights with other wolves, so he was put in permanent timeout.
Problem is, the male wolf then started getting depressed from being so lonely.
Keepers introduced two female puppies into the enclosure one day. The wolf got along with one of the puppies, so she was chosen to keep the old guy company.
The pair have apparently been shacking up for the past two years and so far have no plans for kids, but who knows.
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