Chinese woman wants to give away her extra kidney

It turns out having a third kidney is a pain in the back


NSFW    XINYU, CHINA — A woman with three kidneys from the city of Xinyu in China's Jiangxi province is looking to give one away, according to Peach Video.

The unnamed woman had frequent urges for number one and pains in the waist that flares up if she slept for more than six hours. Ouch!

Having enough of this nonsense, our kind hearted heroine went to the hospital.

After some x-rays, the doctor told the unnamed woman that she has a triple. No, not three babies, three kidneys, with an extra on the right.

Although the woman volunteered to donate the surplus organ, no surgery was performed.

Doctors told Peach Video that they generally favor "more conservative treatment plans" and the would be good samaritan is recovering.
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