Chinese woman pops open plane emergency door for some air

She apparently said she was feeling stuffy.


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WUHAN, CHINA — We've all been there before, fidgeting with that tiny little nozzle with no luck and stuck on the tarmac for way too long with that stuffy cabin air.

Well—one woman in China found a surprisingly fresh way to get some air onto the plane while it was taxiing— by popping the emergency exit door open.
According to the SCMP citing Chinese media, the incident occurred on Xiamen Air flight MF8215 from Wuhan to Lanzhou on Monday afternoon.
Prior to takeoff, the woman—who appeared to be in her fifties—was told not to pull on the emergency door lever as she was sitting in an exit row.
The plane had been scheduled to take off at 3:45 p.m., but apparently the lady had other plans.

She was in need of "a breath of fresh air", so what does she do? She pulls the emergency door lever of course.
The entire flight was then forced to wait on the runway as the airport police arrived to arrest the woman.
Luckily for the passengers, the flight was only delayed an hour, which in China is considered on time.
Wuhan airport police have yet to release the woman's name and her punishment, but it looks like someone's social credit score could be taking a bit of a nosedive.
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