Chinese woman left with 4 melons after botched boob job

And it set her back $32,500.


NSFW    SHENZHEN, CHINA — Bigger is always better and the more the merrier—okay, maybe not in this case.
A Chinese woman who intelligently spent $32,500 for a new rack was left with a bit more than she bargained for. Where there were two, now there are four. Huh!?
According to a report on Bilibili, a mother of one from Shenzhen felt unsatisfied with mother nature's plans for her figure after childbirth, so she decided to put work in to get it all back.
Actually, she just went under the knife instead.
Unfortunately for the lady, the plastic surgeons from IF Aesthetic Surgery in Guangzhou slightly miscalculated the number of implants needed and went with four.
The woman said she was told by the plastic doctors that she should buy two pairs of implants. No alarm bells went off at this point?
Despite getting knocked out, the woman said she also woke up during the surgery. And after it was over, she also found a large scar on her arm, which doctors say was a burn mark.
Talking to a local reporter about her botched surgery, the woman said, "the upper parts are bigger, the lower parts are smaller; the upper parts are hard, the lower parts are soft."
Apparently the Barbie doll doctors offered the woman a refund as well as an extra $4,300 for pain and suffering.
Well, maybe next time she should go for six.
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