Chinese woman earns $4,000 a month making bird nappies

Chinese lady earns thousands of dollars selling bird diapers online.


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JIANGSU, CHINA — A woman in China is earning a cool $4,000 a month from selling bird nappies online.

According to China Daily, 25-year-old Zheng Han is a former nurse from Jiangsu Province who quit in 2014 to focus on her online store on Taobao, which is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the country.

Zheng first started selling decorative costumes for birds, before going into the bird diaper market for friends who wanted a better way to deal with doo doo.

She looked online and found that bird diapers were already a thing in the U.S. but were both poorly designed and pretty expensive at 29 to 58 bucks apiece.

So Zheng designed her own diapers, making it a point to make them convenient and practical.

Her current version has gone through eight or nine upgrades, and features a cotton outer layer and an inner canvas layer that's waterproof

A small sanitary pad or make-up sponge is put in before use. There's also velcro in case the feathered folk need adjustments.

Each diaper sells online for 200 yuan or about $3. Zheng says she used to get an order every three or four days, but now has over 1,000 orders a month, even from abroad.

Her clientele includes bird lovers from as far away as Australia, the U.S., Canada, Singapore, and the UAE.
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