Chinese woman crashes Ferrari immediately after renting it

The driver who wanted to show off ended up crashing the $600,000 sports car.


NSFW    WENLING, ZHEJIANG PROVINCE, CHINA : A Chinese woman crashed a Ferrari moments after renting it next to Shanghai.

Last month, a Chinese woman paid $1000 to rent a Ferrari for a ride around the streets of Wenling city. Right after, she filmed herself boasting about how amazing it was to drive the Italian sports car.

Unfortunately for her, she was caught crashing by a CCTV camera a few minutes later. On a straight and empty road, she suddenly lost control and drifted into the dividing barrier.

While she blamed the wet pavement, some netizens suggest she might have been distracted by her phone.

Videos shot right after the accident showed the $600,000 Ferrari completely destroyed, alongside debris coming from two other vehicles.
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