Chinese wave pool malfunction causes tsunami, injures 44 people

The water park's "tsunami pool" was shut down after creating an actual tsunami.


NSFW    LONGJING, CHINA — A Chinese water park went off the deep end when its "tsunami pool" did just that—it sent a huge artificial wave through one pool while it was packed with unsuspecting swimmers.
Video footage shared on Chinese Twitter knockoff Weibo shows a whole mess of people tubing in a packed wave pool at the Yulong Shuiyun Water Park in Longjing.
According to CNN, the day was going along swimmingly, when a massive 10-foot-tall artificial wave is seen barreling through the pool, swallowing up every unlucky person in its path.
According to a statement from Longjing city officials, a total of 44 people were injured in the little mishap.
Officials said in the statement that the city emergency department, the cultural and tourism department, and market regulators have launched a joint investigation into the artificial tsunami.
Apparently, the wave machine control room's power box had some slight issues.
A water park spokesman had originally said the pool would be back in business the next day, but local officials pulled the plug on that idea.
According to the park's website, Yulong claims to be the largest water park of its kind in Jilin province, with a tidal rafting river, Ferris wheel and spa pools.
Guess now they can add an ACTUAL tsunami pool to that list as well.
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