Chinese tourists grab swan by the neck after missed photo op

Chinese tourists in Switzerland were caught on camera attacking a swan over what seems to have been a missed photo.


NSFW    LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND — In yet another instance of Chinese tourists behaving badly, a couple of photo-obsessed aunties were caught on camera mercilessly manhandling a swan in Switzerland.

The South China Morning Post reports that the footage was shot near Swan Square in Lucerne, and begins with some Chinese tourists crowding around a large swan.

Despite a sign saying not to feed them, one lady used a paper napkin to bait a bird, presumably for a photo op.

When the swan snatched the paper from her hand, another woman grabbed the animal by the neck and tried to take back the napkin.

Someone in the group can be heard complaining about not getting the shot, prompting Chinese news reports to speculate that the attack stemmed from a missed photo op.

Video of the tourists was shared on Snapchat, before being picked up by a Swiss news outlet, and needless to say, most people were disgusted with the women's behavior.
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