Chinese tourists flock to hot pot style hot spring in Chongqing

The hot pot pool is said to contain fake vegetables, chillies and even red wine.


NSFW    CHONGQING, CHINA — A hot spring in Chongqing, China has been done up to look like a hot pot where people can just soak themselves in red colored water to relax.

The pool consists of plastic vegetables, chilies, Chinese medicinal herbs and even red wine for a brighter hue, according to a video by China's Yishu Media.

Images from social media show entire families just chilling at the pool during China's week long holiday celebrating the PRC's national day.

An older female tourist claimed that the pool has healing properties, while kids are seen just goofing off and having fun.

Chongqing is known for its spicy hotpots which could be a reason why the pool was created, besides serving as a tourist attraction.
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