Chinese tourists destroy sea of rare pink grass to take selfies

Chinese media published photos of tourists entering the area of the pink grass to take selfies, even though there were signs and barriers which told people not to do so.


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CHINA — Apparently some Chinese tourists thought it was a great idea to ignore barriers and jump into a sea of flowers to take selfies.

Photos published by Chinese media outlets show the tourists entering the area to sit and lie down for photos, flattening the grass while doing so.

A woman surnamed Zheng, reportedly a caretaker of the park, said it "broke her heart" when she saw the tourists destroying the grass just for a few selfies.

Her voice turned hoarse from yelling at the ill-mannered tourists, according to the South China Morning Post.

She told local reporters she felt like her child was being bullied but she couldn't do anything to stop it.

She added that the rare pink grass was imported from Australia and took three years for them to tend it.

However it only took two weeks for the selfie-seeking tourists to destroy the pretty pink grass, which typically is able to last for at least two months.

She said even though the pictures the tourists took must be pretty, they have ugly behavior.

Zheng said they were left with no choice but to cut the grass down in order to ensure the pink grass has a chance to bloom again next year.
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