Chinese teen turns mom's $119 into $2,500 in just 8 days

Definitely an entrepreneur in the making.


NSFW    DEZHOU, CHINA — A teen in Dezhou in China's Shandong Province proved to be a savvy young entrepreneur after he turned a two-grand profit from a mini game arcade in just 8 short days.

According to China Press, the 14-year-old got the idea after seeing similar stalls at the plaza during winter break, and thought it might be a good way to earn some dough.

The kid borrowed 800 RMB, or about $119, from his mom, and used it to buy 400 glasses and about 300 ping pong balls.

The game's pretty simple: each glass has money ranging from 5 to 100 yuan or about 75 cents to 14 bucks.

To play, people fork over $10 for 10 ping pong balls. If they manage to land the ball in a glass, they get to keep whatever moolah is inside.

Needless to say, the place was a hit. The teen earned 17,000 RMB, or $2,500, in 8 days, with enough extra to pay off two assistants. He could have earned more, too, except it was time to go back to school.

And don't think he forgot his momma either. Son of the year says he's getting her a new phone.

Best kid ever.
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