Chinese teen killed by sign after sticking body out of car roof

A 13-year-old Chinese teenager who stuck his torso out of a vehicle's sunroof died tragically after smashing into a low-hanging sign.


NSFW    JIANGXI, CHINA — A Chinese teenager's life was cut tragically short after he crashed into a sign while riding through a highway with his body out the car.

The incident happened last Sunday along a highway in Jiangxi, when a 13-year-old boy was seen sticking his torso out of the sunroof of a moving silver sedan, Beijing Time reports.

Two men who were in a car behind the boy spotted the shenanigans and began recording, all the while laughing and poking fun at the child.

The pair can be heard joking that he might hit a low-hanging sign that was coming up, only to be shocked into silence when the boy's head actually smashes into the sign, causing him to immediately fall back on the top of the car.

The man driving the car the boy was riding in appeared to call for help. However, local media reports later confirmed the teen died in the accident.
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