Chinese staff slapped and made to crawl at appraisal meeting

The real estate company defended themselves by claiming the female manager in the video was just "going through the motions" when she was seen slapping six employees.


NSFW    HUBEI, CHINA — A video clip has hit the Chinese internet showing six male employees in central China standing in a line and being slapped in the face by their female manager.

According to China News Service, the unnamed real estate company in Yichang, Hubei province defended themselves by claiming the six guys in the video all "volunteered" to be punished after failing to meet their work expectations.

The real estate company also said that the female manager in the video was just "going through the motions."

What's more jaw-dropping is that in the second part of the video, more than a dozen staff members are seen crawling around in a circle on the floor while chanting.

Apparently, this isn't first time something like this has happened in China. In April, a real estate agent failed to meet his business target so his manager came up with this brilliant idea by having the guy to do 100 push-ups.
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