Chinese shoppers go crazy for new Uniqlo Line

Videos have surfaced online showing Chinese shoppers going insane to get their talons on the new Uniqlo line from Kaws.


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CHINA — It seems the Americans aren't the only ones trashy enough to behave barbarically to get those sweet, sweet deals.

A series of videos have surfaced showing Chinese shoppers break out in total anarchy for a new line-up of clothes from Uniqlo.

The Japanese fast-fashion brand recently teamed up once again with artist/designer Brian Donnelly, otherwise known as Kaws. Apparently, Kaws has become rather popular in Asia.

The Chinese are hardly known for their patience and self-restraint, especially when it comes to waiting in line.

The videos show Chinese customers squirming under security barriers, torpedoing through aisles, yanking garments off mannequins, destroying in-store displays and even breaking out into some form of primitive fisticuffs…just for some clothes?

According to the South China Morning Post, thanks to the popularity of Kaws, a shirt that costs 99 yuan or 14.32 US dollars, is being resold online for 115 US dollars online.

According to What's on Weibo, some netizens claim these manic consumers aren't really taken in by the brand, rather, they simply love the competition.
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