Chinese residents forced to install cameras at home

Cameras. Total surveillance. No privacy.


NSFW    BEIJING — Citizens in the cities of Hangzhou and Fujian province are being forced to install surveillance cameras in their homes, according to a report by Bitter Winter, a human rights magazine in China.

Authorities in China are forcing landlords and homeowners in Hangzhou to install surveillance cameras in their houses living rooms. These cameras must be installed before the houses are registered for rent. Landlords are fined $74 if they do not comply.

Another source told Bitter Winter that facial recognition software had been installed in their gated community forcing all residents and visitors to scan their faces before entering.

In Fujian province, a new security policy is forcing residents to install surveillance cameras on top of their door locks in order to observe those who enter and leave the residency. It cost one neighbor $223 to install the system.
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