Chinese railway worker stops girl from committing suicide by train

A railway steward in Putien, Fujian province saved a girl from jumping onto the train tracks to her death at the last minute.


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CHINA — A railway worker in China’s Fujian province is being hailed a hero after stopping a student from throwing herself in front of a train.

Surveillance footage taken on Wednesday afternoon shows the female student standing on the train platform in Putien. Behind her are a few other people, including 54-year-old railway steward Weng Jianzhong.

As a train makes its way into the station, the girl suddenly bolts forward.

The worker runs after her almost immediately and grabs her arm as she’s about to jump onto the tracks. He pulls her in just seconds before the train rushes in, hitting his head on the ground in the process.

A video of the aftermath shows him sitting on the platform cupping the back of his head, while the suicidal student has her head down, crying.

China News reports that the railway worker had apparently noticed the girl looking depressed and distraught earlier and decided to keep an eye on her.

Her family later rushed to the station to get her after being notified of the incident.

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