Chinese people making DIY coronavirus helmets, masks

People are getting creative with their virus gear.


NSFW    CHINA — As the Wuhan virus continues to fan out across all parts of China, the number of confirmed cases is already over 9,400, with another 12,000 plus suspected cases and over 200 dead.
And these are numbers coming out of China, so clearly the actual numbers are obviously higher than what's being reported.
Amongst all the madness, Chinese travelers have started to take matters into their own hands and have started to think outside—REAL outside the mask.
People have been spotted in and around China with all types of do-it-yourself coronavirus helmets and masks.
One popular type appears to be the plastic water jug helmet. Chinese people have been spotted on planes, trains and automobiles sporting the stylish not-so-protective gear.
This guy appears to be going for a Kylo Ren-esque look with his water jug and water bottles.
For those that can't spring for the water jug, don't worry, a motorcycle helmet will suffice. Probably not, but what the hell.
Then there are the more eco-friendly masks made from fruit.
But what if you can't find or make any of these masks yourself? Here's one way you can stop the flow—of contaminated air you breathe.
So are any of these methods effective? Probably not.

Are they safe? Well, one of the first things you learn as a child is to never put your head in a plastic bag. Guess that doesn't apply in China.
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