Chinese mom lets son piss by her feet on public bus

Someone needs to take the piss out of this mother of the year.


NSFW    FOSHAN, CHINA — Riders were treated to some fresh man-made lemonade when a mom just sat back while her bundle of joy relieved himself on a public bus in China.
Video footage posted to Miaopai shows a bus full of commuters in Guangdong province when nature comes calling.

The clip shows the mom of the year just leisurely sitting back while little man goes number one right onto the floor—ewwww.

Mommy dearest is clearly unfazed by all of this as doesn't even bother to move her feet to avoid the obvious splash back.
And as for good parenting, this woman definitely gets an A plus.

Sure, maybe she could have told the driver to pull over. Or found a bottle or bag for little dude to let loose in. Or apologized to the other bus riders. Or just not let him go.

Alright, maybe a B minus in parenting.

Hey, we've all been in emergency situations when you just got to go. Maybe just not directly onto the floor of the bus next time.
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