Chinese mob harasses Taiwanese restaurant in Chile

Chinese uber-nationalists stormed the shop because it apparently expressed support for HK protests.


NSFW    SANTIAGO, CHILE — Chinese nationalists across the world have taken to the streets to show how butthurt they are over pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.
According to Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese d-bags were harassing a Taiwanese restaurant in Chile last week after reportedly showing support for Hong Kong.

According to the Taipei Times, the Representative Office of Taiwan in Santiago was in touch with Taiwanese owner surnamed Chang of Pollo Chang.
A video posted by Tony O'Donnell on YouTube shows a Wechat-organized Chinese mob in Santiago shutting down the fast-food and bubble tea shop.
The winners in the video were seen hanging up the CCP rag in the restaurant.

A bunch of other Jackie Chans can be seen carrying and waving their yellow and red flags around for everyone to laugh at.
In another video posted up on social media, a really brave Chinese man is seen taking a leak outside on Pollo Chang's sidewalk while the store is closed.
China apparently thinks that by acting like spoiled little brats they're win over the hearts and minds of the free world. Good luck with that.
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