Chinese media uses stock image to show hospital building progress

Would you want to stay in a hospital that was "built" in six days?


NSFW    WUHAN, CHINA — As the Wuhan novel coronavirus continues to spread like wildfire throughout China, it's nice to see Beijing still using good old propaganda to deal with the situation.
To handle the exponentially increasing number of patients infected with this latest coronavirus, officials in Wuhan announced last week that they would build a 1,000-bed hospital in just six days.
Hey, God created Earth in just seven, so six days should be more than ample time for a hospital—especially a prefabricated one.
On Monday, the Hubei Daily bragged that the first building of the Huoshenshan Hospital being completed in only 16 hours.
They were then kind enough to attach a stock photo to prove the pop-up hospital was almost ready to receive the walking dead.
By using the latest technology—a reverse image search—it was quickly discovered the photo was in fact nothing but a stock photo from a Chinese construction company.
The Hubei Daily has since deleted the post, but luckily one of the CCP's official speaker boxes—the People's Daily—is still trying to pass it off as real.
The Huoshenshan Hospital is supposed to be up and running by February 2. What could possibly go wrong?
Wuhan virus continues to spread, its origins are still being debated

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