Chinese man uses nose to blow up tires


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A lot of crazy and unbelievable stories tend to come out of China, but this is one that is definitely not blown out of proportion in anyway. Nie Yongbing of Chengdu possesses quite an interesting talent. The 63-year-old Chinese man can blow up tires using only his nose.

Nie first made headlines on December 6 when he inflated four tires that were connected to a tube using only his nose power. Nie of Tongjing village showed off his ability by filling up four inner tubes simultaneously using a hose he held to his right nostril. He was able to completely fill the tires in about 20 minutes.

Nie dreams of one day being able to perform on a talent show. He also can balance a blade while barefoot. Another trick he performs is lifting a pail of water with his eyelids. Nie says he has been practicing these acts for at least eight years.

On January 14, Nie decided to up his game. He had eight adults stand on the four tires as he used his nose to blow them up. Nie performed the stunt at his house. He was able to fully inflate all four tires in only 21 minutes.

Nie first discovered his useless talent after a traditional Chinese doctor told Nie to practice blowing up balloons with his nose to improve his health. Nie switched to tires three years ago though after he tired of blowing up only balloons. Since then, things have really been blowing up for him.
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