Chinese man to face jail time after marrying, having kids with 3 wives

A man in China could face up to two years in prison for charges of polygamy.


NSFW    JIANGSU, CHINA — A man in China is going to be sent to prison for allegedly marrying and having children with three different women.

A 36-year-old man surnamed Zhang married three different women in a span of three years and arranged for all of them to live within a kilometer of one another, according to local media.

The man also claims he didn't know getting married to multiple women is illegal.

He apparently exploited a loophole in China's marriage system in which he was able to get married to women from different provinces in the country.

Zhang owns a real estate company and was able to support all his families with money he earned through the company.

He also made multiple trips throughout the week to visit each of his wives with their children, using the excuse that he going on a "business trip."

Zhang's second wife discovered flirty messages between him and another woman, according to the South China Morning Post.

She stalked him and found out about his first and third wife, who at the time was pregnant with Zhang's child.

Only Zhang's marriage to his first wife was legal. But as soon as she found out, she divorced him.

His second and third wife reported him to the police, who charged him with polygamy.

Zhang is now looking at up to two years in prison. He claims he will ask his other wives if either one is willing to take him back and forgive him after he gets out of jail.

Local media quotes Zhang's second and third wife as saying Zhang is actually a good husband, despite the circumstances. His second wife even went further to say he was "caring and considerate."

In interview with Chinese media, Zhang said his "heart is exhausted' dealing with the situation.

SOURCES: QQ News, Sohu News, Shanghaiist, The South China Morning Post
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