Chinese man throws coins at airplane engine for luck

A 66-year-old Chinese man was removed from a flight after tossing coins at the plane engine.


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HOHHOT, CHINA — A 66-year-old Chinese man was removed from flight after being caught tossing coins at plane's engine, reports China Daily.

Well, it's happened again, folks. Chinese people plus planes plus good luck coins equals—flight delay.

This time around, a 66-year-old Chinese man surnamed Yang decided he'd take it upon himself to bless the flight for everyone on board by throwing coins at the plane's engine. How nice of him.

The incident occurred on April 16. According to Tianjin Airlines, the flight was departing from Hohhot to Chifeng, two cities in Inner Mongolia, when one of the crew members noticed our hero in the passenger elevator, happily tossing coins at the engines.

Po po, however, were not impressed at the man's incredible act of heroism. Even after Yang admitted that he was throwing coins for good luck, they took him away. He was trying to save everyone from impending doom, people!

Unfortunately, the only thing Yang was keeping passengers from was their flight. After he was taken away, the flight was delayed for a security check. Yang and all the coins were removed from the plane. Well, there goes their luck.

Good guy Yang has accepted to take whatever penalty is imposed by the civil aviation regulations.

If you're wondering, didn't we see a similar story before? You're not wrong. This is the seventh time this has happened in China in just two years. Seventh. And it most certainly, won't be the last.
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