Chinese man swallows 87 nails, 7 push pins after lovers' tiff

Doctors found 87 nails and seven push pins inside a Chinese man's body after he swallowed them following a fight with his girlfriend.


NSFW    TONGZHOU, CHINA — A Chinese man is miraculously still alive after swallowing dozens of nails because of a lovers' quarrel.

China Times reports that the 25-year-old was taken to the hospital after complaining of abdominal pain, which he claimed was from accidentally eating a steamed bun stuffed with nails.

But when an X-ray revealed a large mass of nails in his stomach and a few more near his groin, doctors suspected something else had gone down.

According to several media reports, the man had swallowed the nails one by one after getting into a fight with his girlfriend. He gave hospital staff a farewell letter for her before his operation, telling them to contact her if they can't get in touch with his family.

Fortunately, doctors managed to taking out all 87 nails during a 4-hour surgery. The man had also ingested seven push pins, but these passed naturally though his digestive tract.

Swallowing that many nails is obviously very dangerous, not only because it might puncture internal organs, but also because metal plus stomach acids could make for a very nasty infection.
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